CSOR was founded in 2007 providing sports assigning services for secondary schools and club sports by providing certified, highly qualified sports officials for high school and middle school programs. CSOR partners with some of the most respected names in sports assigning in Northern Colorado and works closely with them to provide up-to-date services for schools, leagues, and districts on a per need basis.


Our staff consists of seven experienced individuals knowledgeable in assigning officials for sporting contests from youth through adult, and all secondary schools in the following sports: baseball, basketball, football, softball, soccer, volleyball and wrestling with an average of 25 years experience per individual assigner. CSOR offers more experience than any other single entity in Northern Colorado.


Our staff actively particiaptes in many of these sports as currently certifed officials giving us the knwoledge that comes from being an active member of individual official organizations. CSOR has the edge as our staff understands the dynamics that work on the field or court for any given contest or situation.


Our services are currently used by eight high school and three middle school leagues, numerous independent schools and one school district. All services are customized to meet specific league, school, or district needs. Schools in our coverage area span from Northeast Colorado (Sterling/Holyoke), Southeast Colorado (Yuma) to Northwest (Walden), Southwest (Nederland/Boulder) and North central (Fort Collins) to South central (Denver)



·       Phone or email availability: 7AM - 10PM, seven days a week.

·       Electronic sport schedule access on one website.

·       Multiple sports under one assigning website.

·       Secondary school access from pre-season through post season in conjunction with CHSAA (Colorado High School Athletic Association).

·       Payroll services including W-9 forms.

·       PERA Retiree friendly services.

·       Accurate week and game day review of all assignments.

·       Attendance at all related athletic director meetings for leagues/schools/districts by request.

·       Provides a complete list of certified officials with their current contact information for officials under contract with a league/school/district.

·       Provides annual rule classes for coaches per sport and per league/school/district meets coach certification guidelines and regulations for         CHSAA.

·       Complete understanding of all CHSAA rules and regulations for individual sports and provides this information to the leagues/schools/districts         when appropriate.

·       Complete understanding of all rules, regulations and mechanics as it pertains to each individual sport.

·       Provides complete and accurate contracts to all officials.

·       Provides complete contract details to the leagues/schools/districts.

·       Addresses and acts promptly and professionally on concerns brought by leagues/schools/districts as it relates to official(s) and respective         contests of the league/school/district.

·       Maintains professionalism and confidentiality on all league/school/district business.

·       Provides timely communication to the league/school/district on all assignment changes as related to officials.

·       Strives to save mileage costs for schools by providing qualified officials that are within a 30 mile radius prior to looking outside that area to         fulfill official contracts.

·       Provides the best mix of available quality officials for each contest.

·       Recruitment services for sports officials: CSOR creates an environment that decreases attrition amongst officials and exceeds current         recruitment standards.

·       One assignor, one point of contact, for all levels within in a league/school/district.

·       Offers schools the opportunity to have a voice in the official/referee selection process for cross town match ups or major rivalries.

·       Provides the opportunity for schools, coaches, athletic directors, assignors and officials to submit evaluations on the officiating experience for         multiple sports and contests.

·       Many other optional services available upon request.